IT Consulting

IT Consulting
Starting with premise that employees are happiest when doing what they are best at and what they do best, SMC creates the necessary conditions for business processes and internal environment adapted to the needs of clients and environment that enables employees to be focused only on their work. Providing consultancy services and applying modern IT solutions using BOT system, SMC provides full automation of the adopted work procedures, efficiency increase and improvement of organizational performances. Accordingly, SMC’s professional team provides the following services:
  • Software solutions implementation using BOT system
  • Support in development and implementation of multi project management system and project management
  • Training for implementation and application Microsoft Project™ solutions 

Using "BOT"  in the implementation of software solution includes an integrated application of the following activities:

  • Analysis of users' short-term and long-term requirements/needs for software solutions
  • Identification and analysis current system 
  • Technical support planning
  • Definition of general logical architecture based on business processes and data classes 
  • Implementation of subsystem (module)
  • Installation and testing of modules 
  • Maintenence and enhancement of all installed modules
  • Purchase of computer equipment
  • Purchase of software
  • Administration and maintenance of computers and computers networks.

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Combining many years of professional experience and knowledge of the specific needs of clients, SMC provides support in the area of:
  • Management Consulting,
  • Planning and implementation of business strategies,
  • Project management
  • Public Management,
  • Human resources improvements,
  • Implementation of software solutions.
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