Poziv za redovnu sednicu Skupštine udruženja Srpski menadžment centar

Svi članovi udruženja Srpski menadžment centar pozivaju se na redovnu sednicu Skupštine udruženja koja će se održati 6.3.2019. godine u 18h. Sve koji planiraju da dođu molimo da nam se unapred jave.

Serbian management center
Combining many years of professional experience and knowledge of the specific needs of clients, SMC provides support in the area of:
  • Management Consulting,
  • Planning and implementation of business strategies,
  • Project management
  • Public Management,
  • Human resources improvements,
  • Implementation of software solutions.
Project management
SMC provides support to professional project management and improving organizational project management:
  • Development of methodologies and methodological manuals for project management
  • Managing, monitoring and control of projects
  • Multi-project management
  • Application of maturity models and best practices
  • Redesign of organizational elements
  • Introduction of Project Management Unit (PMO)
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Serbian management center-SMC

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Serbian management center